Divorce Papers

Well today Brian signed for receipt of the divorce papers after dodging the process server for a week.

Kerri & Brian at Zenna'sHe has 20 days to return his answer to the courts on the answer sheet which of course is missing from

the papers he signed for.

Of course he cannot find any other way to obtain the answer sheet becauseeach type of case requires a different answer sheet so if he does not pay for a professional lawyer to

represent him which he has no income to afford he will be in violation of the 20 day rule & be in more

trouble than he is by being evicted from the apartment where he is listed on the lease.

Brian & his wife married in July 2010 & were happily married until about 3 months ago when she took

the only car they shared to work one morning & didn’t return home after work. So basically he was home

alone with no wheels wondering where she was. She went to mother’s after work & texted him 2 hours

later (not called) and texted that she was not coming home. She came by the next day & said he could

keep the car & she would share her mother’s car until she moved back into the apartment which is right

next door to where she works. Kerri is a 10th grade English Teach at Wylie High School in Wylie Texas.

Then she says she is open to discussing a reconciliation. Changes her mind every week or so. Finally

files papers with the lawyer telling Brian not to hire his own lawyer because we are going to keep this

civil & nice. We are going to keep this an uncontested divorce. You keep what you had when we married.

I keep what I had.

Well being married only 5 years Brian does not qualify for any spousal support. But he does qualify for

50 percent of everything acquired during the marriage. As I said before she had gone through school

for her 4 years of teaching degree. She is still paying off student loans & this was only her first permanent

hire year at Wylie High School.

Therefore they only had the one car to share & since her pay was higher it was expected that Brian would

not get work. For 3 years he was kept at home like a caged pet without access to wheels. You cannot get

public transportation in the country to get work. And you cannot walk to work, not the way this area is.

He tried to find a job during that last 2 years just during nights & weekends so the car would be available

since she would be home by then but she said she did not want him working since she would never see him.

Then her girlfriend moves back home from out of state & she starts taking the car to the girlfriend’s once a

week for a girl’s night leaving Brian at home w/o wheels once again one night a week never asking if he would like to be dropped somewhere & forgetting telling him not to have employment history.

Now without any income of his own she plans to take all the money she has saved with her, move back into

this apartment & kick Brian out into homeless shelters.

During the week he was dodging the process server the process server became louder & more harassing.

So he finally signed for receipt of papers & of course what he needs to return to be legal in 20 days is not in there so now I will have to pay the typical Dallas area retainer for a lawyer which is 5,000.00 just so he can get out of this divorce without any infractions for not signing & returning something.

He probably won’t get any more lodging money without a 10 year marriage but at least he might get the car she left him. She & her mother never included him on the insurance policy on the car & he has no driver’s insurance from any other car so he is basically driving with the mother’s & wife’s insurance on the car.

I don’t think without a lawyer he will even get the old 11 year old car.

I have at least contacted 4 divorce lawyers in the area for consultations to see what they can do for him.

I will have to pay for the huge retainer as they are obviously not giving him the legal paperwork necessary.

I don’t want him to end up with future garnished wages or anything like that.

And of course there is alot of threatening nonsense from the wife & the process servers.

Brian’s Mom

Wylie Texas

Wylie High School


Kitchen Catastrophe

Kitchen Catastrophe So, last night I am unloading the dishwasher when I think I am experiencing vertigo because my upper cabinets in the kitchen seem to be leaning outward from the wall where they were once attached. I realize that the contents are all heavy & breakable so that they could fall or keep the cabinet falling.

Kitchen Catastrophy
Kitchen Catastrophy

I start to unload it one at a time & the cabinet as one long item with all it’s breakables falls on me. I have bruises all over my shoulders & arms. Basically it was an avalanche. All these coffee mugs, glasses are falling on my head then to my shoulders & crashing & shattering on the floor around my feet & legs. I am barefoot. I try to gingerly step out of the way to avoid the cabinetry falling on me & manage to do so as the contents continue to spray & break. In the cabinets descent it breaks the open drawers in it’s path off their tracks & off their backings so the kitchen is now impassable with this huge cabinet (one end on the floor) & one end up in the air with non-breakables still hanging in the cabinet.

I was frightened by the crashing items & the assault to my head. Of course it was about 11pm. These incidents never happen during the business day. I called Brian to please come & help me clean up the damage and he stayed with me from 11:30 til we went to breakfast at 8am. We were cleaning up broken glass & moving the broken cabinet out to the porch the whole 8 hours.

Now I notice the other cabinet on the other side of kitchen is coming away from wall only slightly so now I have to empty that one. There just isn’t enough space to store everything since the contents from the broken one are filling the counters.

I hate living in an old house.