Strange Occurences in the Neighborhood

Odd Occurences in the neighborhood

I was sound asleep at 9:15pm on Thursday night, Sept. 3 when there was a very loud knock at my front door. I was awakened by the knock & frightened.I went downstairs & only saw a shadow crossing the street but only a blurry shadow obstructed by the trees. The knock had been quite loud as in something urgent or someone angry. There was no dog barking or other sign of who it had been. Nothing left on the door or porch. we have alot of dogs in the neighborhood & sometimes an angry neighbor will come & knock on doors til they can find the owner & ask them to keep the dog quiet. I don’t have a dog and am concerned when someone knocks that loud at that hour of night.

I never found out who was at my door.

Friday night Sept. 4 at 1:15 am I can’t get to sleep because of the hooping & hollaring of teens coming from the neighbor’s house 3 houses away. There was more than one voice. They were loud enough to hear inside my house. I had to wear earplugs to get to sleep. The type of high-pitched sounds the youths were making could not have come from someone sober. Previous to this whoo-hooing were a few pounds of the base type stereo coming from their hot-rods in the hour preceding the happy yelling.I am not inclined to make noise disturbance calls to the local police at 1:15 as I don’t want to delay my sleep. I do wonder what you would do if these things were happening in your neighborhood?

The only other times I had knocks at the door at that time of night were a pizza delivery kid looking for my neighbor’s house & a cop looking for the owner of a car parked illegally a block away.

I thought it was strange to knock on a citizen’s door after 10 pm just looking to warn someone of their car getting a ticket but both incidents were a long time ago. Months ago. I wonder who the knocker was & what I can do about the noise disturbances.


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