Party Noise

Well, the loud party noise went on again last night, Saturday, but at least this time it was 11:30 pm instead of 1:15 am. Not too bad on a Saturday & I really don’t care nearly as much about noise as I do about a male trying to get into my house or coming to my door after 9:00 pm.  Still haven’t found out what my visitor wanted or who it was on Thursday.  Maybe they thought I was the one having the parties??? :LOL Asking me to keep it down?

And it didn’t go on for more than 30 mins. on Saturday. I am just grateful there was no one knocking at my door late at night. Still haven’t found out who was at my door the other night.  I know people don’t think 9:15 (my knocker) is that late but you have to figure it wasn’t door to door sales at 9:15. It couldn’t be delivery services at 9:15. It shouldn’t be a neighbor on a social call at 9:15 or even on a request call (that would be at a daylight hour). So the question still is who & what was it?  Everyone has misunderstood that I am more bugged by the party noise. That does not impact my safety. A loud, urgent, angry knock at 9:15 pm does impact my safety so that is what concerned me. I still don’t know who it was or what it was about.


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