Kitchen Catastrophe

Kitchen Catastrophe So, last night I am unloading the dishwasher when I think I am experiencing vertigo because my upper cabinets in the kitchen seem to be leaning outward from the wall where they were once attached. I realize that the contents are all heavy & breakable so that they could fall or keep the cabinet falling.

Kitchen Catastrophy
Kitchen Catastrophy

I start to unload it one at a time & the cabinet as one long item with all it’s breakables falls on me. I have bruises all over my shoulders & arms. Basically it was an avalanche. All these coffee mugs, glasses are falling on my head then to my shoulders & crashing & shattering on the floor around my feet & legs. I am barefoot. I try to gingerly step out of the way to avoid the cabinetry falling on me & manage to do so as the contents continue to spray & break. In the cabinets descent it breaks the open drawers in it’s path off their tracks & off their backings so the kitchen is now impassable with this huge cabinet (one end on the floor) & one end up in the air with non-breakables still hanging in the cabinet.

I was frightened by the crashing items & the assault to my head. Of course it was about 11pm. These incidents never happen during the business day. I called Brian to please come & help me clean up the damage and he stayed with me from 11:30 til we went to breakfast at 8am. We were cleaning up broken glass & moving the broken cabinet out to the porch the whole 8 hours.

Now I notice the other cabinet on the other side of kitchen is coming away from wall only slightly so now I have to empty that one. There just isn’t enough space to store everything since the contents from the broken one are filling the counters.

I hate living in an old house.